Who We Are

SONS does not have a corporate structure or accept public funds. "WE" are all parents and citizens across Novato with shared concerns over issues that detrimentally affect our schools. "WE" are the over 1,100 (and growing) parents and citizens who have signed a petition in opposition of the formation of NBEF charter school in Novato.  

We are a group of Novato parents and educators who are concerned about the effects of a proposed new Charter School on the existing neighborhood elementary and middle schools in Novato.

We are the group of parents that wrote letters to the Novato Unified School Board urging them to take a critical look at the charter petition.

We are the group of parents that attended the NUSD Board meetings and public hearings voicing concerns about the poorly planned curriculum and dangerous budget assumptions.

We believe that the financial effects of this new school on the District at large will result in the closure of one of our beloved elementary schools resulting in displacement of children from their neighborhood school, job losses for some teachers and support staff, and increased class sizes all in all our elementary and middle schools.

We believe that creating a new school with a homogeneous student population damages the Novato community.

We believe in fairness and equal opportunity for all students in Novato and think that the School Board should pursue policies that promote educational equality for all our children and that foster a sense of community and pride in our schools.