Take Action

Five Things you can do today:

1.Thanks to the outpouring of community concern the charter petition was denied on December 18th.

We now must wait to find out what the charter petitioners plan to do next. There is a strong likelihood that petitioners will appeal the NUSD decision to the Marin County Board of Education. If this happens it will be critical to demonstrate the same level of community disapproval of the charter petition to the elected members of the Marin County Board of Education. Right now the best thing to do is keep informed of where this process heads next.

2. Email [email protected], a special email address setup by the district to collect community feedback on the charter school, and the following board members:

[email protected], Derek Knell, Trustee
[email protected], Cindi Clinton, Trustee President
[email protected], Maria Aguila, Trustee
[email protected], Tom Cooper, Trustee
[email protected], Debbie Butler, Trustee
[email protected], Shelly Scott, Trustee
[email protected], Ross Millerick, Trustee V.P.
[email protected], Dr. Shalee Cunningham, NUSD Superintendent

Example email:

Dear Novato Unified School Board Member:

I am writing to express my opposition to a proposal for a new Charter School in Novato. According to District Administrators most familiar with the NUSD budget, the loss of students to this new school, estimated to be 600, would result in the closure of a neighborhood elementary school, displaced children, job losses for teachers and support staff, and larger class sizes for children in our elementary and middle schools. In the current fiscal environment, we can not afford a new school that benefits a few children at the expense of the majority of children our School District serves. I urge you to vote NO on this bad "choice" for Novato.

3. Sign the online petition expressing opposition to this bad "choice" for Novato.

4. Keep informed. Read the latest news posted on this website. Talk with your neighbors and friends don't let this happen without everyone in the community being involved

5. Write your local papers to express your opposition to this.

Marin Independent Journal

Novato Advance

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