Letter from concerned parent

November 8, 2012

Hello, my name is Candelaria García, and I have two children in Lynwood and one in San Jose. Why do we have to open a new school in Novato? Why do we have to take away money from our schools? Why risk the schools in our community? Why didn't  anybody take us into consideration and knock on our doors to inform us about this proposition? Why is there no information in Spanish for our families who need it? I am very concerned that they want to open a new school which potentially will affect the schools of my children. They not only will take away funds from those schools, but they will put at risk many students and threaten their opportunities. I am in total disagreement, since instead of supporting and improving our existing schools, they are taking away the few things we have. If the people who want to create their own school don't want to get mixed with our community, then they should pay and use their money to open their own private school. Administrators of the District, please don't allow them to discriminate against us, and affect our children's education. Education must be equal for EVERYBODY. We don't want bullying among our children, so then, we don't have to allow parents to bully us.


Thanks Candelaria for taking action! We hope your word inspire others to do the same.

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