The Most Important Number Is One

4,775,300: The amount of money that 900 students leaving the NUSD will remove from the school district’s budget.

5300: The amount of state funds per student that the NUSD is given by the State

544: The number of children the charter school wants to have enrolled in their school on day one.

70: Of the charter signers with children in the district, 70% are from Rancho Elementary.

50: The number of NUSD elementary and middle school teachers with low seniority who will lose their jobs if a charter school of 900 is approved by the School Board

10: The number of these teachers at Pleasant Valley School who will lose their jobs if the charter school is approved

5: Less than 5% of district parents signed this charter petition, yet it impacts everyone

2: The number of schools the NUSD will need to close if the charter hits their fifth year enrollment targets of 900 students.

1: We have one day of public hearings.  November 8th at 6 PM.  Please attend and make your voices heard.


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