Our Terrific Novato Teachers

Some Of The Biggest Losers If The Charter Is Approved: Our Terrific Novato Teachers

Our School District currently receives $5300 in funding from the State for each child enrolled in our schools. The loss of 900 students from our District within 5 years for this new proposed Charter school would result in substantial cuts of our terrific Teaching staff. This follows a year in which almost every elementary and middle school showed growth in API scores.

According to Karen Maloney, CFO for the School District, the loss of 80 students (or “ADA” in District finance terms) from the School District would result in the loss of 4 Teacher positions. When this math is taken to the proposed school enrollment of 900, the loss of NUSD Teaching staff is close to 50 Teaching positions lost from the District, likely forever.

Which Teachers are most vulnerable to lay offs? Teachers with the lowest seniority. NUSD lists these Teachers by seniority on their HR site. We summarize the list below showing the number of estimated teachers lost at each elementary and middle school if the Charter School is approved.

School Lost Teachers
Hamilton 12
Pleasant Valley 10
San Jose  7
Sinoloa  4
Lu Sutton  4
Rancho  4
Lynwood  2
Loma Verde  4
Olive  2
San Ramon  1

If you feel the price of lost Teaching staff from our District is way too high a price to pay for a school that will benefit just a few of our children, go to the Take Action page today and make a difference.

The NUSD Board WILL be considering both the level of community AND NUSD TEACHER support when making a decision about this proposed Charter school.

Your voice on this issue REALLY DOES COUNT.   Email the Board at [email protected] and sign the online petition today.



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