Our Novato Schools Are Great!

The 2011-2012 Academic Performance Index(API) were released state-wide. The NUSD district-wide API improved six points to 839. This represents the fifth straight year the NUSD has shown improvement. The district is on a roll!

Ethnic/Racial 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
All Sub-groups 839 833 827 820 814
Black or African American 724 684 690 685 679
Hispanic or Latino 751 744 730 706 697
White 885 879 876 872 860
Socioecomomically Disadvantaged 744 731 723 699 685
English Learners 726 719 703 681 691

The table shows a pattern of gains across sub-groups district-wide for the last five years. The Novato community should be very proud of the educators, students and parents that have made these results possible.

This year ALL Novato elementary schools showed improvement in their API scores. Rancho Elementary, now a neighborhood school, continues to post the highest scores in Novato and among the highest in the county. A number of other schools showed huge gains in both overall API scores and within specific sub-groups. The rising elementary scores bode well for middle and high schools as these elementary school wiz kids enter the upper grade levels!

Why, you might ask yourself, is there a need for a new Charter School in Novato given that all of our elementary schools are highly successful? The legislative intent of charter school law (or what the government was trying to achieve with the law), is to provide educational alternatives for those children who were failing in the standard public school system.

The test scores say we should double down on our neighborhood schools not abandon them. What do you say?


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