Could two schools close by 2018?

Yesterday the NBEF proposed a charter school with an enrollment of 864 students by 2018. In a Marin Independent Journal article published today, Dr. Shalee Cunningham, the Novato Unified School District (NUSD) Superintendent, confirmed that a Charter school with the initial proposed enrollment of 544 students would cause an elementary school to close.

What would be the effect on the NUSD of a school of 864 students? The loss of almost $5 million dollars from the NUSD budget and the closure of TWO elementary schools (OR perhaps one elementary and one middle school) leaving a much smaller and financially fragile district.

Potential petitioner signers should be aware that their signature indicates they have READ and publicly endorse the petition, the online version of which contains 167 pages. They should also be aware that a signature on the petition does not in any way guarantee enrollment in this school. Only children of Founders and Faculty get a free entry into this proposed school, a group limited by California law to only 10% of total enrollment. If this school is approved, your son or daughter might not gain admission. The remaining seven thousand students in the NUSD would face a difficult future in the financially fragile district.

Make a good choice today for ALL of our children. Prevent ANY NUSD schools from closing. DON'T sign the petition.


IF you have already signed, it's not too late to reconsider. Contact a NUSD Board member and tell them you no longer support the petition.

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