NBEF Expands School Board To Seven

The North Bay Educational Foundation held its monthly Board meeting Thursday, September 27th and decided to expand it's Charter School Board size from three to seven members.  The move clearly shows the waste and red tape that a Charter School adds to the community's education system.  The move effectively doubles the number of people overseeing a shrinking pool of teachers and aides in the classroom.

The Board meeting was attended by three Board members, two teachers and five parents.  The Board described the current state of the Charter School petition.  The petition has been reviewed and is approaching final draft status.  The current Charter calls for a school of 544 students to begin in the Fall of 2013, less then 10 months from today. The Board plans to have petition ready for signatures by October 6th.

We urge anyone considering attaching their name to this public document to fully understand what this Charter is proposing and the effect it will have on our local education system.   The financial cost to our School District in Attorney's fees and overtime for existing staff just to analyze and plan for this Charter is huge, and this doesn't even take into account the drastic  costs of setting up a facility for 544 students if the Charter is approved. And all these additional non-educational costs come at a time when the School District is facing one of the worst fiscal environments in it's history.

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