This site is intended to provide the most current information on the efforts of a few individuals to create a new charter school in Novato. As parents, we care deeply about our neighborhood schools, children, teachers and community. This newly proposed school of 544 students, with plans to increase to 864 students by 2018, will divert funds from the Novato Unified School District that will result in the loss of 30-60 teacher jobs, increase class sizes at all grade levels and cause the permanent closure of one, or perhaps even two, of our neighborhood elementary schools.

Whether or not your child's school would be slated for closure, the ripple effects of displaced students relocated to other schools, teacher job losses and larger classes sizes in all of our elementary and middle schools would be felt throughout the district. During this time when our school district faces severe budget constraints, we cannot afford a "choice" like this. As a community and as parents that care about our children, this is the time to invest in the great schools and programs we currently have.

On this website we will provide you with the necessary information for awareness of the dangers of this effort, as well as letting you know how you can protect your school from closure and how to keep class sizes from increasing in our great Novato schools that serve all of our kids.

If you are not sure if you should be concerned, please take a few minutes to review some of the information presented on this site. Ask questions of those who are supporting this charter effort. Voice your concerns to those who are responsible for approving this charter. Now is the time to ask questions before it is too late. Please check back regularly as we will post additional news and details as the charter process progresses.